Nicholas Hoult Warm Bodies

Zombies. They’re like the hippest thing (did we just say thing?) these days. On TV, novels and movies, they’re like everywhere. Stereotyped as flesh-eating creatures that would–in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse–bastardise your innards in the most gruesome way possible. That is, if you don’t die and turn just like one of them.

But here we have the upcoming movie Warm Bodies, completely crushing our concept of zombies and injecting the premise that yes, the undead still have the capability to—gasp! love.

The movie stars the hot and sexy Nicholas Hoult, whose career we’ve been following ever since he was born to the world as Tony Stonem on E4‘s Skins (sigh, we miss those days…). Oh well, let’s watch the trailer, shall we?


And if you’re wondering about the songs used on the trailer, they’re With The Girl Like You from The Troggs (which was also used in HBO’s Girls Season 1 soundtrack) and The Black KeysLonely Boy.






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