#FTW: Phoenix “Bankrupt!” new album details

Phoenix Bankrupt

You know we don’t usually cover music news (because you can get them EVERYWHERE) unless it’s really a matter of life and death for us. In this case, it IS really a matter of life and death of our careers and passion for music. For one, Phoenix had been one of our influences to do this blog thing (they are one of the greatest bands emerging from this digital era) and secondly we are practically DYING in agony for the release of the band’s album Bankrupt! So, to cut the story short, these loveable French guys headed by Thomas Mars had updated their website to give us a  heartwarming open letter, the album cover art (it might change), the track list and a snippet of the new music. Let’s expect more great things in the next few weeks to come.

Phoenix Bankrupt letter



1) “Entertainment”
2) “The Real Thing”
3) “S.O.S. in Bel Air”
4) “Trying to be Cool”
5) “Bankrupt!”
6) “Drakkar Noir”
7) “Chloroform”
8) “Don’t”
9) “Bourgeois”
10) “Oblique City”


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