#Soundtracking: Saam Roberts


Saam Roberts

It’s April Fools’ Day, but we ain’t fooling if we say that we got a chance to get into the mind of one Britain’s kindest AND talented producers Saam Roberts (ed-his monicker is really spelled with double-A’s). And for the first edition of #Soundtracking, find out Saam’s influences and the stories behind his music.

Samuel ‘SAAM’ Roberts grew up from a musically-gifted family. His father plays the guitar and works for an audio engineering outfit while his mom teaches the piano, clarinet, flute and saxophone. With music in his background, it wasn’t long when he began performing under a 3-piece bass music band Ulama. Now an adult, he works in a finance outfit by day but still has time to produce his own music.



I’ve just finished a new original track called let me breathe (finished it this morning). Due for release this summer on phunk junk records in about 6 weeks. (Electro) I’ve labelled this as electro but I wouldn’t say it belongs solely in that genre, it’s got elements of Progressive house, trance, techno, electro and some trap influences. 
This track is so different to anything that I’ve made before, and is either going to be something that people hate, or that people love. It’s so in your face that it can’t be ignored. So only time will tell on this one, but I wanted to put this out there just to see how people reacted.


MAMBO TO AMNESIA (with ItsNotAdam)

I’ve got the remix competition that phunk junk records are running for my track with ItsNotAdam. Adam and I made this track way back in August 2012 and were initially going to release the track on Pulsation Records, but it decided to release the track with Phunk Junk Records after the idea to run the remix competition was put forward.

This has only been running for about 2 weeks but we’ve already had a handful of good submissions. It was a pleasure to work with Adam on this track, he’s such a talented producer and I’m a big fan of his work, so I was honoured to be able to collaborate with him. I think the track is a good mixture of our production styles.



I’ve been asked to remix a track for Exile of Silence, an artist in LA, by his label Nu side records, a sub label of Nu Elements Digital. I’m real excited about this one. It’s the first time I’ve been approached by a label and asked to remix one of their artists works. The release will be a free release and will be distributed to several clubs in LA to promote his recent release.



I’ve not played any DJ sets yet. When I started making music I never planned to play shows. It was more of a hobby than anything else, but since my music has been signed I have had more and more requests for remixes & have been contacted about shows. 
Now I’m currently taking private DJ classes to polish up so that I’m able to do shows, although most of the enquiries are coming from the states (I’m in England) so that’s going to be a stumbling block.



CHICANE. Since the 90’s I’ve been amazed by his work. His music is what inspired me most, I love his attention to detail and the euphoric feeling and complex atmosphere.

DEADMAU5.  He has his own brand of progressive house, to can hear his influences in my work, my drums are built around his production style, it works so well.

SKRILLEX. Unusual I know, considering I make house not dubstep, but if I’m totally honest, Skrillex is the reason I started to produce music seriously. I realised that you don’t have to conform wit music. That excites me.



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