MIX MONDAYS: April 8, 2013


Ta-Ku never fails to amaze us with the remix of Everything You Wanted from Melbourne’s Clubfeet. The recreation has that infectious beat we’re looking for to bring back us alive in this otherwise mundane Monday.

Also in this edition of #MIXMONDAYS is the return of Sound Remedy, dropping some new material for us. Another worth checking is a free download of Sane Beats’ rework of Fade by Jakwob and Jonny Cage’s remix of Tunnel Vision from JT. Be sure to check out UK producer Squarepusher brining in some banging in the new Ghostpoet single Meltdown. And of course, capping this episode off is another mashup, from the Fabulous Beatmashers, with their mix of OneRepublic and Overwerk.




CLUBFEET: Everything You Wanted (Ta-ku Remix)


JAKWOB: Fade (Sane Beats Remix)


SOUND REMEDY: Liberation


GHOSTPOET: Meltdown (Squarepusher vs Ghostpoet Version)


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Tunnel Vision (Jonny Cage Remix)


The Fabulous Beatmashers™: If I Lose Myself @ Daybreak (OneRepublic vs. Overwerk) (download here)



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