FRESHLY BREWED: April 12 2013

Freshly Brewed 2013 a

You want to know how the future would sound like? This Friday and every Friday hereafter, we’re picking the finest grains of fresh, new music we’ve harvested from around the world. Consider this as your “indie in a venti”. Check out these awesome up and coming acts, FRESHLY BREWED, served hot every Friday. After all, this is what this blog is all about: NEW MUSIC. So stream away then brag to your friends that you heard `em FIRST. Now.

Interested acts can drop us a message via our contact infos and socials HERE.



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Electronica doesn’t have to be all about those sweaty moshpits or those ear-piercing drops. Let these indie electronic band from NYC Neonfaith redefine the word for you.



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This band from Norway isn’t so difficult to fall in love with. Try checking out their latest Turn To Sand and you won’t regret it.



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Bristol is blistering with this new indie/electronic act that is ready to explode with their organic take of the genre.



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There are some things in this world that your brain can’t fathom for now but eventually you will by an effing epiphany, just like the sound of this up and coming act from Louisville. The first we pressed play, we were like, “WTF?” until everything sounded soooo infectiously good.








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