3Stars and a SUNday: The Cardigans ‘For What Its Worth (Techy Romantics cover)’

The word ‘cardigan’ isn’t exactly something you want to hear right now, given that the sun is melting everything it can shine its rays on. Solution? Beat the heat this sweaty Sunday afternoon with some chill-ectro vibes from Techy Romantics. Listen to the group’s rehash of For What Its Worth, a single taken from The … Continue reading

3Stars and a SUNday: Silverfilter

We’ve met Silverfilter looong before the EDM renaissance in the local, Philippine music scene,  back when social media to beat was Friendster, and ipods had sizes of ice shavers. Originally performing as part of a funk/indie band, he then smoothly transgressed to electronica with only his knowledge, experience, talent and passion for music as well … Continue reading

3STARS and a SUNday: One Billion Rising Philippines

Who’s your date on Valentine’s Day? Us, we have one billion. And it’s for a serious cause. On February 14, one billion people will dance via One Billion Rising, an international campaign organised by V-Day, a non-profit, global movement founded by acclaimed-playwright Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) created to stop and end violence against women … Continue reading

3STARS and a SUNday: British-Filipino electropop band Ooberfuse

This weekend, our music compass points us to London, where the Christian electropop band Ooberfuse is based. Fronted by Fil-Brit Cherrie Anderson, the trio fuses western and eastern influences to create some remarkable radio-friendly Christian music (because, boys and girls, our quest for the absolute truth does NOT have to sound boring). So if you’re … Continue reading

3STARS and a SUNday: Up Dharma Down “Capacities”

Our love for Up Dharma Down goes way, way, waaaaaaay back. Since we heard their first album Fragmented in 2006, we felt that this Filipino band will come a long way. And who hasn’t heard AND couldn’t relate to their immortal track Oo? THAT, my friends, has become one of the anthems of this Pinoy … Continue reading

3STARS and a SUNDay: Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Oh well. So Pacquiao was knocked out on round 6. As the whole nation was “stunned” about the loss, for what its worth, the Philippines’ national crime rate was low today. More news here [gmanetwork]