LISTEN: Boys Noize ‘Distant Lover’

Seconds into the track we actually thought it was part of the Game of Thrones soundtrack, until the trippy electronic effects worked their way up our nervous system. Check out Distant Lover below, the new track from Berlin producer Boys Noize. Advertisements

HOT: Boys Noize “XTC (The Chemical Brothers remix)”

Boys Noize gets some brotherly love with the remix of his single XTC. Originally from his latest album Out of the Black, the new, electro-treatment comes from The Chemical Brothers. Need we say more?

WORLDWIDESCREEN: Skrillex x Boys Noize x Kevin Saunderson “Bang!” Ep. 01

For the first offering of Potato (#PotatoWillEatYou), the new online music channel created by the might triumvirate that is Skrillex/Diplo/A-Trak, we see the newly Grammy Award winner Skrillex together with Boys Noize and Kevin Saunderson putting their hands up for Detriot. It is, for the life of you, where the American EDM movement all started. Watch … Continue reading

MIX MONDAYS: January 28 2013

  We know how it feels like dragging your feet to work or school on Mondays, so we put this highly-caffeinated, purely-carbonated, 100% drug-free (sorry, folks) playlist fueled with Energon cubes sure to give you an adrenaline rush until the week ends (or at least, until we post some wicked remixes on wednesday LOL)! BENZI: … Continue reading

LISTEN: Boys Noize “Ich R U (Van She remix)”

Come on, we know you want this. Multi-talented group Van She gives us this remix of Ich R U, adding some infectious club beat that’s hard to pass. Stream the recreated Boys Noize track below and go ahead: Dance.

HOT: Boys Noize “What You Want (Chromeo remix)”

  A huge treat at the beginning of the work week comes from Chromeo. Stream their synthesized, groovy recreation of What You Want from Boys Noize. HAPPY MONDAY!