#Bestof2012: Number 51-69

So we hope you enjoyed opening your Christmas gifts. Well if you haven’t opened them, why don’t you unwrap those presents while listening and #soundtracking our third part of this year’s “best-of” list. Songs from number 69 to 51 are in yo’ face. So scroll down, peeps!   69.  LADYHAWKE: Sunday Drive   68.  GOSSIP: … Continue reading

MP3: Johnny Jewel “Black and White / A Mix for Autumn” mixtape

  Be sure to free up your disk space as Chromatics leader Johnny Jewel gives us a 44-minute mixtape entitled Black and White today. On the menu: 01. Lamuka (Johnny Jewel Edit) / Zazou Bikaye Cy1 02. The Fading Faces / Symmetry 03. Nuit / Xeno & Oaklander 04. The President Is Gone / John … Continue reading



MP3: Chromatics “Running From The Sun” FULL ALBUM

  Jumpstarting this week’s posts is some new material from Chromatics…well, it isn’t exactly new, since the tracks were taken from the Kill For Love Sessions which was recorded in December of 2009. You can grab not just a single, but the full album Running from the Sun below.

WATCH: Chromatics “Lady (James Franco for 7 For All Mankind)”

  James Franco is undeniably one of the best actors of this generation. We wouldn’t be surprised if he would be directing and producing his own stuff soon. Watch his profound directorial debut for 7 For All Mankind, using the track Lady from Chromatics.