LISTEN: Passion Pit ‘Carried Away (Dillon Francis remix)’

If Passion Pit singer Michael Angelakos is an Autobot, this is how he would sound like while he transforms into a synthesizer. Dillon Francis reconstructs the Gossamer track Carried Away into a robotic dance track. Listen. Advertisements

HOT: Justin Timberlake “Suit And Tie (Dillon Francis remix)”

Dillon Francis is the first artist to be featured on the upcoming official remix compilation of mah man Justin Timberlake‘s comeback single Suit and Tie. Though the voice of Jay-Z is nowhere to be found in this new official rendition (because Sony didn’t allow the talented Mr Francis to include it in his rework), the … Continue reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dillon Francis “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)” OFFICIAL VIDEO

LOL: Dillon Francis does the #HarlemShake

Check `tis out peeps!  We honestly never saw this coming, but huuuuuge LOL going out to the talented Dillon Francis. Watch him do his own version of the famed #HarlemShake inside Taco Bell at Irvine, CA. ROTFLMAO!

LISTEN: Dada Life “So Young, So High (Dillon Francis remix)” preview

  Only three days left before Dillon Francis officially releases another re-work! But for now, the great Trap-per is sharing with us a preview of what’s in store: his remix of So Young, So High from Dada Life. Stream!

MP3: Dillon Francis “Popped A Molly I’m Sweatin’ (Aylen remix)”

It’s not Monday and we have a hot remix here! Aylen has recreated Popped A Molly I’m Sweatin’ by Dillon Francis. Amazeballs! We would download the new mp3 if we were you. This is sick!