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HOT: Hoodie Allen “Fame is for A**holes”

He couldn’t have said it any better. Yup, because according to Hoodie Allen, Fame is for A**holes. In this rant-single, we find Hoodie with and old friend Chidera Anamege of Chiddy Bang. Try listening to the new Motown-laden single (still produced by !llmind and mixed by Fresh Direct) and second this motion!

LISTEN: Hoodie Allen “Cake Boy”

Wow. Hip-hop’s Hoodie Allen had some big backers on this one. Firstly, we got the #Grammys nominee !illmind producing Cake Boy. Second, Fresh Direct is mixing it. What more can you ask for? DOPE.NESS.  

MP3: Hoodie Allen “Feel The Love”

Guilty pleasure as it may be, but we’re digging this new track from Hoodie Allen. Feel The Love like what we’re doing right now and download the track below.

MP3: Hoodie Allen “Hey Now”

Rapper Hoodie Allen returns with Hey Now, a song which didn’t quite make it to his recent All American EP, but luckily he’s generous to release it and now we can download the track below for free! Wootwoot!