MIX MONDAYS: March 18 2013

Headlining today’s series of re/mixes is the new material from ItsNotADAM, creating an Emo-DM track Why Forget This Moment. The guy seems getting better every time. You can preview his new track below. Second on the list is a household name in the world of mashups, DJ Earworm just unleashed a new mix, concocting Beyonce … Continue reading

MIX MONDAYS: January 21 2013

  We know how it feels like dragging your feet to work or school on Mondays, so we put this highly-caffeinated, purely-carbonated, 100% drug-free (sorry, folks) playlist fueled with Energon cubes sure to give you an adrenaline rush until the week ends (or at least, until we post some wicked remixes on wednesday LOL)!   … Continue reading

#Bestof2012 Number 7: Nicki Minaj “Starships”

8.  Nicki Minaj “Starships” (Female Artist of the Year) Redefining candy music is none other than Nicki Minaj. She’s our Female Artist of the Year, and she’s definitely higher than a mother-f*cker!  

#Bestof2012: Number 21-34

We’re almost done with our top 100 songs of 2012. Before we unleash the 20’s of `12, we will give you an opportunity to reminisce the songs (from 21 all the way to top 34) that rocked our world this closing year. 34.  TAYLOR SWIFT: We Are Never Getting Back Together 33.  ZEDD x MATTHEW … Continue reading

#Bestof2012: Number 35-50

We are half way there, peeps! Let’s continue our year-ender with the songs that rocked our lives this 2012, from numbers fifty to thirty-five.   50.  JUSTIN BIEBER x NICKI MINAJ: Beauty and a Beat   49.  HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS: Ice Age   BONUS! The best Ice Age remix we heard this year: deadmau5 … Continue reading

WATCH: Justin Bieber x Nicki Minaj “Beauty And A Beat (official video)”

  Consider this a refreshment from our usual posts. Heck, it’s Tuesday and we deliberately chose this video for you to have at least four days to master the dance moves. So before you burn us at the stake, let us tell you that this is the best (yes, you read that right) Bieber song … Continue reading