MP3: Tegan and Sara ‘I Was A Fool (Matthew Dear remix)’

I Was A Fool is one of the much-loved tracks off the Quin sisters’ celebrated album Heartthrob. With its emotion-packed lyrics accompanied with its dramatic melody, it’s made for the heartbroken in everyone. Enter Matthew Dear on the frame, who basically took out all the sob-inducing elements of the Tegan and Sara hit and viola! … Continue reading

LISTEN: Tegan and Sara “Closer (Young Galaxy remix)”

Young Galaxy joins the awesome artists recreating the Tegan and Sara‘s Closer from the sisters’ recent Heartthrob album. Listen to the funky remix below.

WATCH: Tegan and Sara “Now I’m All Messed Up” OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

  You would’ve memorized all of the songs coming from Heartthrob (we had lol), that awesome album from Tegan and Sara. Now check your videoke skills by watching the lyric video of Now I’m All Messed Up below coming from the dashing duo.

MIX MONDAYS: February 18 2013

We know how it feels like dragging your feet to work or school on Mondays, so we put this highly-caffeinated, purely-carbonated, 100% drug-free (sorry, folks) playlist fueled with Energon cubes sure to give you an adrenaline rush until the week ends (or at least, until we post some wicked remixes on wednesday LOL)! Steve Aoki … Continue reading

HOT: Tegan and Sara “Closer (Yeasayer remix)”

  Yeasayer drops their interpretation of Closer from Tegan And Sara, and we all shut up. It’s a different retake of the song, taking out its bubbly, poppy alternative radio-friendly tune, but is still worth listening to. Heck, it’s Yeasayer. Care for a stream?