VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Knife ‘A Cherry On Top’


LISTEN: The Knife ‘Without You My Life Would Be Boring’

And we thought so too. Our lives would be boring without hearing this new track from The Knife. Taken from their acclaimed album Shaking The Habitual, the interesting and organic third track Without You My Life Would Be Boring is out now.

LISTEN: The Knife ‘A Tooth For An Eye (Cooly G remix)’

Check out this sick remix from UK-based producer Cooly G, as he reinterprets A Tooth For An Eye, that new organic, somewhat tribal track from Swedish music influencers The Knife. He practically stripped off most of the lyrics and injected some trumpets and dance beats. Totally awesome. Stream the creation below while you wait for … Continue reading

HOT: The Knife “A Tooth For An Eye”

Rumoured to be the first single off Shaking The Habitual (which was debunked, apparently), A Tooth For An Eye is the follow-up to Full of Fire. The track is filled with Caribbean, tropical sound. But it’s not the usual sunny-side-beach music you’ll hear: it’s more of an angry tsunami! Figure it out by listening to … Continue reading


HOT: The Knife “Full of Fire”

Do you know why it feels cold and empty nowadays? Because you haven’t heard the latest from The Knife! Considered as one of the pioneers of the Swedish music movement that engulfed the world, The Knife returns with Full of Fire, from their forthcoming album Shaking The Habitual. Stream the 9-minute brand-new single below and … Continue reading